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The EAE – Google Map widget allows you to embed a customizable google map on your website. Incorporating a Google Map on your website page makes it easier for visitors to track your location. You need to get the Google Map API key to make this widget work.



  • Markers: You can add multiple locations to be shown on the map
  • Longitude: Insert the longitude coordinates
  • Latitude: Insert the latitude coordinates
  • Address: Enter the text to be displayed in the Marker
  • Height: Set the height of the map
  • Zoom Set the zoom level of the map
  • Aminated Marker: Enable it to give animated markers
  • Snazzy Style: You can apply styles from Snazzy Maps and give your maps a different touch. This is an optional field. If you leave it, it will display your map in the default Google Map theme.
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Google Map

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