Split Text

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The EAE – Split Text widget lets you create unique and attractive heading styles for your website. It separates the text into two different parts; each part can be styled separately by adjusting color and typography for both parts.



  • Alignment: Specify the alignment of the text like left, center, and right.
  • Split Mode: Select the split mode like Letter or Word.
  • Split Count: Enter the number from where to split the text.
  • HTML Tag: Select the HTML tag to render the text item.
  • Text: Enter the text which you want to style.



  • Text Color: Choose the color of the first part of the text.
  • Typography: Set the typography options for the part 1 text.
  • Border: Set the border type for the text block. It can be dotted, dashed, double, or solid.
  • Border Radius: set the border radius for the chosen border to make the border angles more round.
  • Padding: Set the padding for the text.
  • Margin: Set the padding for the text.
  • Background Type: Choose the background color of the content.
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Split Text

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