Frontend Product Editor Settings Page

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The settings page provides you with the ability to effectively manage advanced Frontend Product Editor setting configurations.

You can find Frontend Product Editor Settings under the WooCommerce menu.

  • Go to WooCommerce -> Frontend Product Editor.
Frontend Product Editor: WooCommerce menu
Frontend Product Editor: WooCommerce menu

Various configuration options are available for effectively managing the settings of Frontend Product Editor.

  • Tabs Collapsed by Default: If you prefer the tabs to be collapsed by default, you can enable this option.
  • Default Tab: Choose the default tab that you would like to open.
  • Trigger Option: Choose your preferred trigger option from the following: admin bar, floating button, or both.
  • Allowed User Roles: You can specify the permitted user roles that have the authority to edit the details, such as Administrator or Shop Manager.
  • Edit from Archives: Enable the option to edit product details on the archive(Shop) page.
  • Product Types: Select the type of product you want: Simple, Grouped, or External/Affiliate.
Frontend Product Editor: Settings
Frontend Product Editor: Settings
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